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The illustrations developed for the Onyria Marinha Boutique Hotel were designed to capture every essence of the location and provide guests a unique and immersive experience.

Inspired by the magnificent fauna and flora that surround the Hotel as well as its location in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, each illustration aims to tell a story where its characters can be observed in a real context.

In the illustrations, we can find references to the magnificent cliffs that line the Cascais coast, the majestic lagoons of Sintra and the incredible fauna that surrounds the Hotel, such as the Eurasian Hoopoe bird which, through the augmented reality experience, comes to life and enriches the viewer experience during the observation.

Divided into 3 parts: Cascais, Sintra and Sintra-Cascais, these stories are an invitation for each guest to take back with them yet another memory of all the experiences lived at the Hotel.
ilustrações hotel cascais


Having Cascais as its main inspiration, this illustration immerses guests in the charming, maritime atmosphere of the picturesque coastal town. The elements that compose it are the emblematic fishing boats of Cascais Bay, the Cabo Raso Lighthouse and the impressive cliffs that line the coast.

These elements are integrated with the Hotel characteristic details, such as the presence of the Eurasian Hoopoe bird, the graceful pool waterfall, the majestic maritime pines and their fruit, thus forming a harmonious composition enriched with details.

Location reference (Waterfall)

Flora (Pittosporum)

Local environment

Location (Cliff)

Fauna (Eurasian hoopoe)

Location (Lighthouse)

Flora (Pine)

Location (Fishing Area)


Inspired mainly by Sintra, the elements portrayed in this illustration are the stunning lagoons of this location, such as the Blue Lagoon and the Mosqueiros Lagoon, as well as the sinuous curves of the mountain itself and the presence of the charming fox, as a representation of the local fauna.

These elements combine harmoniously with the Hotel distinctive features, such as the beautiful pool fountain and the imposing King Carlos Hunting Pavilion, surrounded by the exuberant flora that surrounds it, such as the enchanting maritime pines.

Location (Sintra Mountains)

Pool fountain

Flora (Strelitzia nicolai)

Blue Lagoon

Local environment

Fauna (Fox)

Flora (Phormium Tenax)

Hunting Lodge

Sintra - Cascais

Inspired by Sintra and Cascais, the illustration captures the essence of the connection between the sea and the mountains. The oceanic horizon of these incredible coastal locations merges with the remarkable presence of all the flora in these places, such as the Cravo-de-Sintra, the cork oak leaves and the symbolic acorn, characterized by its rich details and textures which, together with the Tordoveia bird (Turdus Viscivorus), an animal species often seen in the surroundings of the Hotel, creates a balanced and harmonious atmosphere.

Local environment

Location (Cliff)

Flora (Dianthus cintranus)

Flora (Quercus coccifera)



Flora (Acorn)

Boca do Inferno