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Património Mundial da Unesco

Approximately 21.7 kilometers from the Hotel

Sintra is a historic and stunning town located in Portugal, known for its palaces, castles and various historical monuments.

Many poets and writers have visited Sintra for inspiration over the years, including Lord Byron and Hans Christian Andersen.

There are many beautiful and historic places to visit in Sintra. Here are a few suggestions, each of which offers a vast history and culture of the region.


Pena Palace

One of Sintra's most iconic landmarks, known for its colorful architecture and breathtaking views.


Mouros Castle

This medieval castle is situated on top of a hill with panoramic views of the town and the surrounding countryside.


Quinta da Regaleira

With a romantic style, this farm has a stunning palace, gardens, underground tunnels and caves.


National Palace of Sintra

Located in the heart of Sintra, this palace features a mixture of Moorish and Gothic architecture.


Monserrate Palace

Considered a masterpiece of Romanticism, this stunning palace is set among lush gardens and features a blend of Gothic, Indian and Moorish architectural styles.


Convent of Capuchos

This small convent is located in the middle of a forest and features austere architecture that engages with the natural environment.


Sintra-Cascais Natural Par

This protected area surrounds Sintra and features magnificent forests, lakes, and hiking trails.

Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca is one of Sintra's best known places. Located on the west coast of Portugal, it is about 15.3 kilometers from the Hotel. Here are 3 interesting facts about Cabo da Roca: 1. Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point in continental Europe. It is often referred to as the "end of the world" because it is the last piece of land before the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. 2. The cape is known for its cliffs, which rise more than 150 meters above the sea. The rocky coastline and crashing waves have made Cabo da Roca a popular spot for sightseeing and photography. 3. In addition to its natural beauty, Cabo da Roca also has a lighthouse that was built in the 18th century. The lighthouse is still in operation today, and its beacon can be seen more than 48 kilometers away.

Make your visit to Sintra a little sweeter

Sintra is famous for some traditional sweets that are definitely worth trying if you visit the village.
One of the most popular sweets is called "Travesseiro" and is a sweet pastry filled with almond cream and topped with sugar. The pastry is shaped like a pillow, which is why it's called "Travesseiro".

Another famous pastry from Sintra is the "Queijada", a small sweet tart made with fresh cheese, sugar, eggs and cinnamon. The "Queijada" is said to have been created by nuns in the 13th century, and has become a basic delicacy in Sintra's traditional gastronomy.

In addition to "Travesseiro" and "Queijada", Sintra is also known for its almond cakes and pastries, such as "Fofos de Belas" and "Nozes de Galamares," which are made with sugar, egg yolks and ground almonds. These traditional cakes can be found in many of the town's bakeries and cafes, and are a delicious way to taste the local flavors of Sintra.