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Hole by Hole

Hole by Hole

A Hole-by-Hole brief description of Quinta da Marinha Golf Course including some precious tips that can make a difference in your round!

Hole 01

A long straight Par 5 with pine trees lining both sides of the fairway.
Pro's tip: Be aware that the fairway narrows 100 metres in Missing the fairway on the left near the green can be tricky due to the canopy of the trees.

Hole 02

A short Par 3 with water on the left and bunkers on the right.
Pro's tip: Be aware of the wind as the tee is very sheltered.

Hole 03

This Par 5 has a dog leg of the tee from right to left.
Pro's tip: Don't get caught with a half shot into the green as the green is very narrow.

Hole 04

A Par 4 which has a slight dog leg from the right to left, with a lake on right hand side of the green.
Pro's tip: There is plenty of room of the tee to the right (o.b left).

Hole 05

A Par 3 with a lake situated before a raised green surrounded by bunkers.
Pro's tip: All the trouble is at the front of the green, make sure to take enough club.

Hole 06

A great double dog leg Par 5 which starts with a drive over a lake, then a dog leg from right to left and then left to right.
Pro's tip: The bunker to the left of the green is cleverly placed, the green goes much further to the right then you think.
Hole by Hole

Hole by Hole

Hole 07

A Par 3 with a very angulated green.
Pro's tip: Try and keep the ball on the low side of the hole. Miss this green on the wrong side and you are in trouble.

Hole 08

A very long uphill Par.
Pro's tip: This hole play's longer than it looks be sure to take enough club.

Hole 09

A Par 3 slightly uphill with bunkers to the right and behind.
Pro's tip: On the green, the ball moves more than it looks.

Hole 10

A long Par 5 with a lake to the right off the tee, a second lake on the left running up to the green.
Pro's tip: To set yourself up for an easy pitch, place your second shot to the lake as the green runs parallel with the fairway.

Hole 11

A nice Par 5, to start, with a Dog leg, in the 2nd shot, from right to left with bunkers running down both sides of the fairway from 150 metres in.
Pro's tip: The green has 3 teirs the centre of the green is the best option.

Hole 12

A long par 4 with a dog leg from right to left.
Pro's tip: A good drive will bounce to the left as the fairway slope around the corner so there is no need to risk flying the ball over the corner.
Hole by Hole

Hole by Hole

Hole 13

The signature hole of Quinta da Marinha, this hole bends slightly from left to right downhill towards a wide ocean view.
Pro's tip: Your second shot is key as the green slops away from you.
The chip is a lot easier short than from behind the green.

Hole 14

A difficult Par 3 over a ravine to a narrow green.
Pro's tip: Club selection is key as short is never good but long makes to a difficult chip back lowers the ravine.

Hole 15

A short but tricky Par 4 with a fairway slopping from right to left.
Pro's tip: The name of the hole gives this away iron is the best option off the tee.

Hole 16

A short Par 3 slightly up hill with a green slopping from the left to right.
Pro's tip: The trees around the tee shelter you from the wind which normally blows from left to right.

Hole 17

A Par 4 slightly uphill and bending a little from left to right.
Pro's tip: The second shot is a key with a big green, going directly for the Pin sometimes is the wrong option.

Hole 18

The final hole is a Par 4 with a fairway bunker well placed on the left.
Pro's tip: From the tee the fairway looks nice and wide beware of the grass bunker which catches a lot of drives.
Hole by Hole